FIREFLY™ Installation Training

We strongly recommend using only trained installers when installing FIREFLY™ passive fire protection materials and products. The FIREFLY™ team are here to help train the installers of the future.

The FIREFLY™ training programme is designed to be very practical and hands-on and enables candidates to seek advice about current and future projects.

Installer training covers the following areas:-

  • Top fix methods
  • Horizontal joints
  • Penetration management
  • Side fixing
  • Seaming
  • Vertical joints
  • Bottom fix joints
  • We train a maximum of 6 people per session at the TBA Protective Technologies Ltd facility in Rochdale.

    On completion of the training course candidates are awarded a certificate and i.d. card to show they are fully trained in the installation of FIREFLY™ Non-Rigid Fire Barriers.

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