Firefly™ Phoenix

Firefly Phoenix

FIREFLY PHOENIX is a lightweight flexible fire rated smoke and flame barrier designed to provide compartmentation within a building.

By offering 120 minutes integrity only, FIREFLY™ PHOENIX exceeds the minimum requirements relating to smoke and flame barriers as detailed in the UK Building Regulations: Approved Document B (Fire Safety). FIREFLY™ is manufactured using specially treated woven glass fibre fabrics. FIREFLY™ PHOENIX is lightweight and easy to install.


DESCRIPTION  Smoke and flame barrier, woven glass fabric 
CERTIFICATION  Third Party Certification by IFCC 1418
APPLICATION  Vertical and horizontal 
WEIGHT  440g/m2 nominal 
THICKNESS  0.34mm nominal 
BS.476 Part 22.1987 120 minutes
Tested for integrity 
FLAMMABILITY  BS.5438 / 6249
“A” rating (highest possible pass)
Fabric is self-extinguishing when subject to this test> 
ROLL LENGTH  10 metres or 25 metres 
ROLL WIDTH  1.3 metres nominal 
FIREFLYTM  All FIREFLY™ products must be installed in compliance with the FIREFLY™ Installation Guide, which is provided upon request. Deviation from these drawings should not be carried out without written authority from the FIREFLY™ Technical Department.
All figures quoted are nominal, believed to be true at the time of printing and are presented without guarantee. It is up to the user to determine the suitability of use.